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For iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, and earlier: Press and hold the HOME button and the POWER button together until the Apple logo appears on screen. After the iPhone has rebooted, return to Settings > Personal Hotspot and make sure the wi-fi Personal Hotspot feature is enabled. Then try connecting to it again from the. If you can't find or turn on Personal Hotspot, check that your wireless carrier enabled it and that your wireless plan supports it. Restart the iPhone or iPad that provides Personal Hotspot and the other device that needs to connect to Personal Hotspot. Make sure that you have the latest version of iOS To check whether the iPhone is connected or not: - Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot > and make sure the feature is actually turned ON - You can also go to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot and make sure the feature is turned on there. Make sure that Cellular data is enable Here never a problem to enable personal hotspot. I do use often my iPhone 8+ as a Prsonal hotspot with my iMac. On iPhone: Turn Bluetooth ON. Turn Mobil data ON. Turn Personal hotspot ON. On iMac: Turn Bluetooth ON. System Preferences >> Bluetooth >> connect with iPhone. iPhone 8+ >> Bluetooth >> My devices >> connect with iMac

Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad. 2. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the home screen. 3. Open Family Sharing. 4. Use the Add Member feature to invite family members. 5. Return to Settings home screen and tap on Personal Hotspot. 6. Tap on Family Sharing and enable the feature for the family member in question. How To Fix Personal Hotspot Not Working In iOS 1 Check that Personal Hotspot is turned on in Settings > Personal Hotspot. If you can't find or turn on Personal Hotspot, check that your network operator enabled it and that your network plan supports it. Restart the iPhone or iPad that provides Personal Hotspot and the other device that needs to connect to Personal Hotspot On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Settings app, then tap on Cellular Data. Now tap on APN Settings and make sure all the missing credentials are in place, especially those for Personal Hotspot... How To Enable & Fix Personal HotSpot on this account Contact Carrier Issue iOS 8 iPhone 6 or 6 plusThis should work in iOS 13 too for most users on iphone 11..

It says Failed to enable personal hotspot!! I've made sure it's enabled on the iphone. Cloudane macrumors 68000. Aug 6, 2007 1,609 197 Sweet Apple Acres I just used the personal hotspot feature on my iPhone 7 with iOS 11.3 last week and it took just a second or two to turn it on and then see it on my MacBook Pro pretty much right away and. When Personal Hotspot is not working on your iPhone, you first need to go to the iPhone that provides Personal Hotspot to check whether the option is turned on. If it has been switched on already, you can turn it off and then turn it back on. To make it, you can go to Settings > Personal Hotspot or Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot As simple as may sound, you might have forgotten to enable a personal hotspot on your iPhone. Happened with me a couple of times. When you connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network, iOS disables the.. Find out the reason for your Laptop or PC not showing your iPhone's Personal hotspot name in the WiFi network name. follow my quick solutions on your iPhone.

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10 of 13 steps Find the list of available Wi-Fi networks and select your own Wi-Fi hotspot. 11 of 13 steps Key in the password for your Wi-Fi hotspot and establish the connection. 12 of 13 steps When the connection is established, you can access the internet from the other device When I turn on the personal hotspot, I cannot get a DHCP network address on my computer. I've tried with 2 different computers and an Android phone. They can connect to the network router but not my iPhone, which won't give out an IP address. It just says the connection is limited and I get a 169.* address on my computer Now, go back to the Settings screen, tap on Personal Hotspot option, and enable the Allow others to join option. Finally, connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to your iPhone on iOS 13 by finding the correct Wi-Fi name and using the password you configured. Try once again and see if the personal hotspot issues you were facing have been fixed For iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, and earlier: Press and hold Home and Power button simultaneously till you see the Apple logo. Once your iPhone has restarted, again go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and enable the Personal Hotspot feature Fix or Enable Missing Personal Hotspot on iPhone 6. Edited by Grimm, Rushell, Eng, DeleteQnA. 4 Parts: Steps. Video: Fix or Enable Missing Personal Hotspot on iPhone 6. Questions and Answers. Comments. You're watching VisiHow. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to fix the missing Personal Hotspot option on an iPhone 6

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Check if Your Personal Hotspot is Turned On. The first thing you ought to check if this is an issue for you is whether the personal hotspot is turned on in your iPhone. Go to Settings, then scroll down to Personal Hotspot. If it is not on, flip the toggle to the green On position. See if it starts working for your device Use your Apple iPhone 6 iOS 12.0 as a personal hotspot Read help info When you use your phone as a personal hotspot, you can share your phone's internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi One of the iPhone's best features is its ability to share your cellular data connection with other devices, which is known as Personal Hotspot, or tethering. Personal Hotspot may be easy to use, but there's a lot to understand about it. Get answers to common questions and troubleshooting issues about Personal Hotspot on the iPhone in this article

How to Enable or Disable Instant Hotspot on iPhone and iPad. Step #1. Turn on the bluetooth connection on both the iPhone and target device. Or (Optional) Under Personal Hotspot in Settings, tap on Allow Others to Join. This will let you use the persistent hotspot even on other devices like your Windows PC or Android tablet. Step #3 The message the I am getting when I tried to enable it is shown below: To enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact StarHub at 1633 I tried calling Starhub support line and I was referred back to Apple. It could not be an Apple issue as other the hotspot was working in Malaysia and Australia Read on to know the steps of how to change hotspot name on iPhone. What is a personal hotspot on iPhone? A Personal Hotspot on one's phone enables the user to share their cellular data connection with other users. Personal Hotspot of one's iPhone or iPad allows a user to share cellular data like Wi-Fi network I cannot access gmail on Outlook when my Laptop is using my iPhone as a hotspot/WIFI. I continually get prompts to renter my password. A more persistent solution is to enable 2-step verification on your account, which reduces the need for identity challenges. We found the following personal information in your message Chances are that your carrier is restricting you from using personal hotspot on the cellular data plan. Therefore, contact your carrier and enable cellular data plan to use personal hotspot feature smoothly. 2. Turn on & Then Turn off Airplane Mode. One of the reasons for iPhone hotspot not working in iOS 14 may be a problem in the data.

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Hello. I have 2 mobiles on a pay monthly contract, one iPhone 5 and a Nokia. My personal hotspot was working fine on my iPhone, and last week I swapped over numbers into my opposite phones (long story!) btw I went into store and the guy had me sorted in 5 minutes, and saved me faffing around at home The personal hotspot does not seem to be working very well. I've connected my smart tv to the hotspot and it is not working very well. It won't find the hotspot and when it does, it only stays connected for a few minutes and then says it is still connected but no internet access through the tv. I've reset network settings. Still having.

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This is your wifi hotspot's name and password. Then go back to the Settings section, you will see the Personal HotSpot feature appear. To enable / disable this feature you just need to go to Settings> Personal HotSpot> choose to enable / disable the Personal HotSpot feature. WebTech36 Why hast iPhone, running ios 6.1.3, under a tetra prepaid plan , suddenly lost the ability to provide a personal hotspot? Personal hotspot was removed from the settings menu during use. I turned on the hotspot and within 10 minutes the connection had been broken and the hotspot option removed from the iphone menu

How to activate WiFi hotspot on iOS 8 devices (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) 1. Open Settings app and this time go to Cellular. 2. Scroll down and find Cellular Data Network and tap on it. 3. There is an option called Personal hotspot. 4. Enter a username and password and go back. 5. On Settings menu now there is an option called Personal Hotspot. 6 1. Enable Personal Hotspot on iPhone. Before you try the solutions below, check whether the carrier supports the Personal Hotspot on your device and make sure the Personal Hotspot is enabled through the carrier. Or you'll have to change the carriers for this plan. If you have tried but still didn't work, keep reading to try other solutions. 2 Use your Apple iPhone 5s iOS 11.0 as a personal hotspot Read help info When you use your phone as a personal hotspot, you can share your phone's internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi I have a SIM for data on my iPhone when I'm in Indonesia on the Telkomsel network. Unfortunately the option for Personal Hotspot was no longer accessible. I found these instructions for an older iOS version, and was able to easily modify them for iOS 11. Go to Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network Can't enable Personal Hotspot on iPhone 5, iOS 6. Thread starter iamthekiller; Start date Sep 25, 2012; Sort (Likes) Forums. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iOS and iPadOS. Older iOS Versions. iOS 6. I. iamthekiller macrumors 6502a. Original poster. Feb 3, 2010 635 1. Sep 25, 2012 #1 I just joined.

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I did these steps below to activate personal hotspot on iPhone 7 on iOS 10.3.1. I use Telkomsel network. Go to settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Data Network. On Personal Hotspot section, write internet on the APN field. You can see Personal Hotspot is back on Settings. Edited Tap the toggle switch at the very top of the Personal Hotspot control panel to enable Wi-Fi sharing. 6. Set a password. The current password is listed in plain text. If you've just set up your service plan with your wireless provider, there will be a default password in place. To change it, tap the Wi-Fi password button, enter a new password. The hotspot can be enabled from Personal Hotspot in the Settings app. There are only two settings in the Personal Hotspot menu. Allow Others to Join is a simple slider used to toggle the hotspot on and off. Wi-Fi password is the password that other devices will need to use to connect to your hotspot

How to Enable Personal Hotspot on iPhone. The next instructions apply to iOS 8. The same steps may apply to earlier versions as there is a minimal difference in the way to enable hotspot on an iPhone. To start sharing your iPhone's internet connection, follow these steps: 1 Allowing many people to your personal hotspot will greatly increase your cellphone data usage ! 1. How to turn on personal hotspot on your iPhone (iphone 3, iphone 4, iphone 4s, iphone 5, iphone 5c, iphone5s, iphone 6, iphone 6 plus): 1. Turn on your iPhone, and locate Settings then tab Settings 2. Do you see Personal Hotspot

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Hi! Can you help me enable Personal Hotpost using my iPhone? The message the I am getting when I tried to enable it is shown below: To enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact StarHub at 1633 I tried calling Starhub support line and I was referred back to Apple. I wonder what that guy smoke this morning A lot of sim cards don't like you using personal hotspot the iPhone's feature that allows it to share its data plan - 3g/4g signal with other phones. Sometimes the providers just don't think about this feature and so don't send you the settings for it or enable it by default and sometimes they outright try and stop it My Mac and my old iPhone 6 used to work with personal hotspot just fine. I replaced my old iPhone 6 with an iPhone 7 and transferred all my apps and data from the 6 to the 7. Most things worked fine, but not Hotspot. My Mac remembers my old iPhone 6 and remembers the Hotspot password for that old connection It appears that a 3G Personal Hotspot Plan does not transfer directly over to a 4G plan so the iPhone 5 wasn't provisioned with the Personal Hotspot service. I worked with them to provision the a 4G Personal Hotspot plan onto the iPhone 5 and rebooted the device and then I was able to enable the Personal Hotspot service

How To Enable Hotspot On Apple iPhone 10 Desmond Andrada Read more February 2, 2018 The Apple iPhone 10 Hotspot is a great replacement when there is a weak public Wifi connection, or when you're away from home and want to have other devices connected to the Internet Failed to enable Personal Hotspot on iPhone Check to see if the device is turned on and in range of your computer. - Laptop has WiFi and BT Enabled - iPhone has WiFi and BT Enabled - Both devices are paired No Instant Hotspot icon ever appears. Quote; Share this post. Link to post. While the Personal Hotspot Wi-Fi tethering feature of Apple's upcoming iOS 4.3 update for the iPhone will only be available where carriers support it, AT&T has confirmed that it is working with.

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How to turn on hotspot on iPhone XS Max- Firstly click on the setting from the Home Screen of your iPhone XS Max. From the settings menu, click on General. Tap on About. From there you can click on Name, and you can change the Name of your mobile's personal Wi-Fi hotspot if you want to All iPhone 12 models have a personal hotspot on 5GHz Wi-Fi enabled by default. In the Settings>Personal Hotspot menu of these devices, there is a new Maximize Compatibility switch, which. Create a password for your iPhone 8 hotspot by going to Settings -> Personal Hotspot -> Tap on Password -> Then type in the new password. Changing iPhone 8 Hotspot Name. Turn on your iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Open the Settings app from the Home screen. Select on About. Select on Name. Type in a new name for your iPhone 8 hotspot Tethering/personal hotspot allows you to share the mobile internet connection on your smartphone with one or more different devices. This is usually via WiFi: your device is visible as a possible WiFi-network to connect with. You can also set it up using a USB data cable or Bluetooth

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How to Setup Personal Hotspot (Tethering) With IPhone 6 (iOS 9.0.2): IntroductionAfter working with a couple of retail cellular providers for the last five years, I came to realize that one of the most overlooked features of the iPhone is the ability to create your own personal hotspot, or WiFi connection using your In order to use FREE Wi-FI PASSPORT, you must have a Global Roaming contract. For details, please check with the network operator you have a contract with in your country. The Service may not be available depending on your network operator. For more details, please check here. The Service may not be. The iPad needs those settings to enable the personal hotspot. Before I get to that, it is important to note that only the iPad 3 and iPhone 4 (onwards) running iOS5 and up support personal hotspots! First, go to your Mobile Data settings Tap Name to change the name of your iPhone's personal hotspot. Tap About > General > Settings to return to the main list of settings. Tap Personal Hotspot. If you don't see Personal Hotspot, tap Cellular and you will see it. Tap the toggle switch to turn on Allow Others to Join. Tap Wi-Fi Password to change the Wi-Fi Password

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  1. So yes, 5Ghz personal hotspot is a boon. Oh and only having 4G LTE speeds only limits the top speed of the 5Ghz hotspot, but 5Ghz is less congested, less latency, and uses more modern 802.11ac.
  2. First, open Settings, then tap Personal Hotspot. Here, switch the toggle next to Allow Others to Join to turn on your hotspot. After turning on, you will find the name of your hotspot under To Connect Using Wi-Fi, and the password next to Wi-Fi Password
  3. Next enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and plug it into your computer. At this point you will have a new ethernet device available and should be able to use any network manager to connect to the internet through the new iPhone ethernet device, just like you would any other ethernet connection. Using systemd-network
  4. All the remedies below will usually pertain to any of the three aforementioned Personal Hotspot modes. Starting simple:. So before you start troubleshooting with the steps below, ensure your plan supports Personal Hotspot. If you have too low of an iPhone signal, then your iPhone will just relay that same poor signal to your other devices

How to Make Sure Personal Hotspot is Turned Off on iPhone. The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 12.2. Note that this is simply going to turn off the Personal Hotspot so that other devices can't use your iPhone's data on the Internet. You will still be able to use online resources with the iPhone itself The link from my phone takes me to a webpage that has absolutely no link to enable this setting. Does anyone have a direct link to enable Personal hotspot for this plan? AT&T Unlimited Plus Plan? [iPhone 7Plus iOS 10.3.2] TI If it's not turned on, your iPhone hotspot won't be discoverable. To check whether your personal hotspot is enabled, head to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot and ensure the toggle is in the On position. You should see a message underneath that says Now Discoverable, along with the name of your hotspot network

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Personal hotspot can be enabled through cellular data connection. You need to have it settled first from your phone carrier. The internet speed varies from the data plan package you avail. Models should have WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connection to be able to become a personal hotspot. These includes iPhone 4 up to the later models. Below are the. Then I noticed my Personal Hotspot wasn't setup. If I navigate to Settings-->Cellular-->Set Up Personal Hotspot I would get the following popup message: Set Personal Hotspot. To enable personal hotspot on this account, contact Spectrum at 1-833-244-6603 Well, needless to say, I called and spoke with tech support on the 27th The only way to turn it off is to disable cellular networking or turn on Airplane Mode. The term Instant Hotspot appears to be banished. If you select your Personal Hotspot from another of your..

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Tap the Personal Hotspot option. This can be found in the first group of options in the Settings menu. If you don't see this option, tap Cellular (or Mobile Data on a British phone) and then tap Set Up Personal Hotspot.You may be prompted to call your carrier to subscribe to a plan that supports the Personal Hotspot feature Instant Hotspot is similar to Personal Hotspot on iPhone or iPad but one major difference between the two is ease-of-use. The latter involves setting a password and authenticating it on your Mac. But with Instant Hotspot, you can connect your Mac (OS X Yosemite) instantly to your iPhone's Personal Hotspot (via Cellular data, of course. Personal Hotspot allows you to turn an iPhone or cellular equipped iPad into a wireless router, thereby sharing the devices internet connection with other Mac, Windows PC, iOS, Android, or any other capable hardware that connects to the hotspot

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Finally, launch MyWi application from your iPhone's home screen and click the Wi-Fi button up top (the second button from the left). All you have to do is flip the WiFi Hotspot toggle and you're. To enable Personal Hotspot on a target iOS device from the MDM console, Log in to your Hexnode portal. Go to Manage > Devices. Choose a target iOS device. Go to Actions and select Enable Personal Hotspot. A pop-up emerges asking for confirmation. Hit Continue to proceed. Sharing Cellular Data through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB Wi-F 1 Press Windows Key + I shortcut to quickly open the Settings app. 2 When Settings app opens, navigate to Network & Internet section 3 From the menu on the left select Wi-Fi. Now click on Manage known networks Enable Personal Hotspot on an iPhone. Olti Asllanaj 2018-05-25 0 Comments. in IOS. This document will guide you though setting up Personal Hotspot on your iPhone, connecting to and disconnecting devices from the Hotspot, finding the Wi-Fi network name and password for your Personal Hotspot, changing the Wi-Fi password for your Personal Hotspot.

Based on recent empirical findings, and based on various posts on the web, it seems that an application running on an iPhone with personal hotspot enabled cannot send broadcasts and/or multicasts out onto the personal hotspot's network In iOS and iPadOS, Instant Hotspot refers to Apple's long-standing Personal Hotspot feature that lets you share the data connection on your iPhone or cellular iPad with other Apple devices

Plug your iPhone into the computer you wish to connect to the Personal Hotspot using the USB cable that came with your phone. After enabling Personal Hotspot, if prompted, select USB only. I Don't See The Option For Personal Hotspot! If Personal Hotspot is not appearing as an option: Ensure you are running the latest version of iOS He installed JIO Sim in Apple iPhone 5S and internet speed was quite good. But there were no settings to Enable Personal Hotspot so he couldn't use it in Laptop or other phones. So, follow this tutorial to fix the missing Personal Hotspot option in iOS. Top 5 Advantages of using Reliance JIO 4G SIM 1. India's First LTE-only Network You can set up your iPhone as a Wi-Fi source for computers and other devices with Wi-Fi capability. Notes:. Data consumed on devices linked to your personal hotspot will be charged to your devic You just go to settings/personal hotspot and turn it on. If that is not working, try rebooting the phone but if it continues to not work, you need to contact customer support as your account is likely provisioned wrong For those users, a little $0.99 app called TetherMe will enable personal hotspot in a matter of seconds. The app is not new, as it has been available since iOS 3.0 has been released, but until recently, the app was limited to USB and Bluetooth tethering. Thanks to the new version of iOS, the app now offers WiFi tethering as well

I have an unlocked iPhone 8plus, 6GB shared data plan, yet I still cannot enable my personal hotspot . Whenever I go to the settings page, it shows the link Setup Personal Hotspot. The if I click on it, it simply tells me to visit their website or call 611 Enable Hotspot tethering on iPhone without your carrier knowing Installation. fike Unstallation line 42 - failed to verify code signature , blah the executeable was signed with invalid entitlements iPad / sprint radio iOS 11.4.1 / Impactor version 0.9.51 You need to turn it on before it shows up in the main settings screen. From the home screen, tap Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot. Slide the switch next to Personal Hotspot to turn it on. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect

To enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone, go to Settings > Personal Hotspot. Once there, turn Personal Hotspot ON. When you do, you will be asked if you want to enable the feature only through Wi. Hack lets you enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone without jailbreaking Posted by iPhoneHacks on Jul 08, 2013 in Hacks , Hotspot Joseph Brown of iTweakiOS who has released hacked carrier bundles to boost download speeds, has just figured out a way to enable tethering (or the mobile Hotspot) feature on the iPhone without jailbreaking Meanwhile, Instant Hotspot is a convenient feature in which OS X Yosemite can automatically detect a nearby iPhone and place it within the list of available wireless connections in the top menu bar. If you don't have Wi-Fi or tether your iPhone with your Mac a lot, you will no longer have to go into Settings and enable Personal Hotspot every. When Wi-Fi is unavailable, you can use your cell phone to generate a mobile hotspot for your computer Step 1: Enable your iPhone's personal hotspot 1. Open your iPhone's settings 2. Tap Personal Hotspot near the top of the settings page, just below Cellular (or Mobile Data) option 3. Slide Personal Hotspot right to the ON position. Th In here is where the magic happens. Scroll all the way to the bottom till you see the Personal Hotspot settings. In the apn field, type: bconnected. Enter the apn. After you do this, exit Settings and restart your device. When it reboots, the feature should be available. If it isn't, check the settings and see if anything has changed and.

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